Triunity Engineering

The Services We Offer

Our services comprise of a wide range of maintenance and repair packages. Our
able team of technicians are qualified, trained and certified to handle common
electro mechanical systems in any building or facility.

Electrical Motor Rewinding

Our rewinding workshop can rewind and repair and LV (415 V and lower motor system)
our workshop repair services extend to other components such as pumps, gear boxes, fans

AC / DC rewinds
High frequency rewinds
Failure reports
Voltage conversions
Brake / clutch coil rewinds
Transformer rewinds
Solenoid rewinds

We can repair and service most types of pumps. We provide services for all type brands
We have full pump repair facilities and trained technicians. We can source and replace mechanical seals
, and other service parts such as impellers. We can also fabricate damaged parts be it a simple weld or casting

Our services include
Centrifugal pumps
Multistage horizantal and vertical pumps
Sewage pumps
Submersible Pumps
Other pump types

Pump Repairs and Rebuild

Machining and Fabrication

Mechanical Repairs to all types of equipment
including parts fabrication for rotating machines, including shafts , fan housings, terminal boxes , gears etc

As you can already tell, we have your best interest at heart. Talk to us today and
find out more about what Triunity Engineering Ltd can do for you.